The entries are in and its now time for you to vote!
Thanks to everyone who submitted designs… but unfortunately only one t-shirt can win.

See the designs below or follow this link to the Picasa page. We’re having a little trouble with the online formatting for entry #14, but we hope to have that fixed soon and uploaded. Also, for #8 the stars should be red and the barriers blue… silly Picasa!

Please review the designs carefully and pick your favorite… and the one you’d want to wear. Then vote below or in the side bar to the right –>. You’re only allowed to vote once (yes, if you figure out a way to get around the super-secure interwebs security we want you to do the right thing and still only vote once), but the polls will be open until midnight this Saturday (10/31/09). Remember to click the yellow “Vote” button when you’re done to save your vote. Anyone can vote, but if you get all of your friends, random strangers, long lost uncles, and pets to vote… they have to buy a t-shirt and wear it too!

We’ll have the shirts for sale on BikeReg for $15 (so you can earn points on your credit card) and they should be ready by Northbrook, but no later than Indian Lakes. We’ll also have a limited number for sale at each race (bring exact change in cash) and (if there are any left) at the banquet in January.

Good luck to all of the contestants, and Happy Voting!