Photo: Gene Cassella

– Wow what an exciting weekend… and the weather was crazy too! Thanks to promoters Ted Schweitzer and Jeff Provisor, Verdigris-Villiage Cyclesport, Main St. Bicycles, North Branch Cycling and all the volunteers who made Psycho Cross and Carpentersville a success. Saturday was mostly rain but warm(ish) temperatures with some wood chips and slick mud thrown in for good measure. Oh yeah, the flyover too. If you weren’t there on Sunday we had rain, then clouds, then lots of rain, then some farm animals (including llamas), then sun, then a tornado warning (that cut the Cat 1/2/3 race to just 2 laps after 20 minutes), then rain & wind, then clouds, then a whole lot of rain. So yes, it was an exciting weekend. The Carpentersville race even got some press in the Daily Herald.

– Next Sunday the CCC travels to Barlet, IL for stop 6 of the series at ABD Sunrise Park

– As if the weather wasn’t enough we saw multiple Overall Series Standings lead changes this weekend. The 40+ lead went from Newt Cole to Mike Scalise to Michael Heagney. Eric Drummer just barely held on to the 30+  lead. Liz So and Katie Tomarelli extended their leads in the Women 1/2/3 and Women 3 respectively while Danny Warner and John Craychee put vice grips on their 50+ and 60+ leads. Peter Chrapkowski padded his Single Speed lead and Mike Conroy won on Saturday to take the Cat 3 lead and held on to it on Sunday. Katie Mann took over the lead in the Women 4 with a win on Sunday. Maxx Hall continues his domination of the Junior 15-18 category while teammate Gina Johnson leads the Girls 15-18. In Junior 10-14‘s even after a tough Sunday in the mud Juan Gonzalez continues to lead while Danielle Krebs leads the Girls 10-14 category. In the Cat 1/2/3‘s Scott McLaughlin took back the lead from Brian Conant with a win on Saturday only to lose it back to Conant in Sunday’s abbreviated Carpentersville race. And finally, in the Cat 4A‘s Verdigris-Village CX’s teammates Ken Krebs and BBVP’s Michael Bucholtz continue to battle for the overall lead with Krebs holding on to a slim lead. It should go without saying that while the riders mentioned above are leading the standings we know each of you are pouring your heart and souls into every race, sprinting for your placing whether it is 1st or 91st… and for that we congratulate everyone!

– Haven’t picked up a CCC 2012 series t-shirt yet? Hurry they’re going quick. Unfortunately we’re all out of socks but still have Mad Alchemy embrocation and Contigo coffee mugs.

– After a weekend of atrocious weather that will surely gunk up your gears and seize up your cables we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention our fantastic Series Sponsor bicycle shops who can and will keep your bikes rolling for the rest of the series…

Iron Cycles – It goes without saying that the 2012 title sponsor Iron Cycles knows a thing or two about cyclocross bikes. Stop by, bring in your bike for some TLC, and check out the bike wash room.  

Main Street Bicycles – We wouldn’t be surprised if a few of you just left your mud caked bikes on the front door of Main Street Bicycles on the way home from Carpentersville on Sunday. Jeff and guys are just a pedal stroke away from the Fox River Trail system connecting the entire Fox Valley trail system.  

The Pony Shop – Widely regarded as one of the best CX bike shops in the country, Lou and the guys at The Pony Shop have been a part of the Chicago cycling community since 1969. The Pony Shop believes in, rides, wins on, and uses the same products they sell to you.  

 PSIMET – Not a bicycle shop per se, but Rob Curtis builds wheels with the best of them and does not make compromises.

Spin Doctor Cyclewerks – Since 1996 Spin Doctor Cyclewerks has been offering fine bicycles, quality accessories, and expert repairs to the greater Bartlett cycling community. Owner Greg Anderson also knows how to shred the gnar in the 50+ race.  

 Higher Gear – Higher Gear is a full-service bike shop with two locations just north of Chicago. Ride into higher gear with us!    

 Velosmith Bicycle Studio – Also on the North Shore, Velosmith works with cyclists of all types who seek comfort, power, speed, and performance from their bike. Their clients love them because they help them raise the bar on their cycling experience by achieving optimal riding comfort and performance. Fancy carbon helps too!  

 Beverly Bike and Ski – Located on Chicago’s South side, Beverly Bike and Ski offers bike (and ski) sales and services since 1921.

– And finally… Congratulations Felix.