– For anyone counting, there are roughly 8 weeks until the CCC starts in Caldwell Woods, hosted by xXx Racing. So get your bikes in working order now(!) by visit your favorite local bike shop… but enjoy the rest of the summer weather while we still have it. #cxiscoming

– But before the CCC officially starts, the good folks over at Half Acre Cycling are having a Women’s CX clinic. The details: Go faster. Attack that barrier. Clear that obstacle. Have more fun. Cycle-Smart Solutions for Cycling and Half Acre Cycling are committed to helping Chicago area women achieve their racing goals. Focusing on intermediate/advanced skills, this clinic is designed for Cat 3s (and those planning to make that upgrade soon) as well as experienced Cat 1 and 2 racers. Half Acre is also very pleased that their clinic will take place at Big Marsh Chicago.  Big Marsh Chicago is on its way to being the premier bike park and eco-recreation area in the Midwest. For more information see the event page register: https://www.bikereg.com/hacwomenscxclinic. Topics include: explosive starts, dismounts and mounts, barrier work, bunny-hopping obstacles, cornering at speed, off-camber cornering, race strategy, training, and race preparation. Your coaches: Shaun Adamson (Cycle-Smart) and Kelli Richter (Vision Quest Coaching) .

– Also, because CX all.the.time… Half Acre Cycling is pleased to present the inaugural CX Eliminator: an elimination-style cyclo-cross race.
1) Race starts with a non-elimination round, one or more heats of eight racers who complete one 3km lap to determine heat placement for the first elimination round.
2) Next comes the elimination rounds, heats of eight racers again complete a 3km lap. The top four finishers move to the next round, while the bottom four are eliminated from competition.
3) And finally the championship round, the final eight racers will complete the lap, head­-to-­head, with the top three racers earning podium spots.
Check out the HACCXE website for all the details: http://cx-eliminator.blogspot.com/p/about.html.

– Not to be outdone, xXx Racing will again be hosting their Relay Cross back in Jackson Park on Sunday August 23rd. Loads of fund at this event and another great way to ease into the season. So grab a partner and get ready to high-five.

– Sadly, Psimet has informed us that Norge CX will not be back this season. So enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend to the fullest, eat lots of turkey, or tofurkey if that’s your thing, and get ready for the State Championship at Montrose the following weekend.

– And finally… as if we had to remind anyone, its still hot, and muggy, and hot, and did we mention hot(?) here in Chicago. So while out training either on the road or the trails (please go outside and stay off Zwift), make sure to stay hydrated and take breaks so as not to overheat. Heat stroke is a real thing and we want to see you all in the staging grids this Autumn.