We didn’t cancel cyclo-cross, we’re just not holding the series.

Just a quick update to clear up any confusion about the CCC “series” vs. “races“. As most of you know, the CCC is a collection of CX events, each hosted by a separate and fantastic team/club/shop/promoter. The “series” does not actually run any of the individual events but sets minimum standards, coordinates race-day schedules/categories, maintains overall scoring, owns a very large quantity of plastic step in stakes, updates this website, awards series leaders jerseys & cowbells, hosts the after season party, etc. Think of the “series” as the NFL and each race as one of the teams in the league. You don’t really go to an NFL game, you go to a Bears game that’s part of the NFL. As Montrose Harbor race director Mark Zalewski notes, “It helps to think of the ‘series’ as not a race itself (bc it isn’t), but a collection of independent races (bc it is).”

Glenwood Academy (new SCW venue) and Groundhog Psi-clocross (PSIMET) plan to hold their events. Hopkins Park (Comrades Cycles) has already decided not to hold their event. The rest of the venues are tentative and TBD depending on how the Autumn progresses. We will keep the Schedule page updated throughout the season and have news updates here as we receive them.

In cancelling the “series” last week we did not cancel all Chicagoland CX races, just the overall aspect. If you were planning your big comeback this year to win an overall series title, then unfortunately you’re out of luck. If you’ve never really paid attention to the overall scoring and have never been on the front row of the staging grid, you probably won’t notice any difference if you choose to race this year.

If you have any questions at all please email us directly at ChicagoCrossCup@gmail.com. Our inbox is always open. Enjoy the summer heat while its still here and keep riding your bikes!