Woodstock Preview

November 20, 2009

Back again for his sophomore effort Dr. James Kearns brings us the 9th stop in the Chicago Cyclocross Cup at Emricson Park in Woodstock, IL.

  • The Woodstock race is actually the Ed Brophy Memorial Cross for Life race and all proceeds go towards Leukemia and Cancer Research. With 339 of you pre-reg’d cancer doesn’t stand a chance! Someone call Lance!
  • Dr. Kearns is a naprapath which is a doctor that specializes in treating muscle and skeletal pain. Hmmm, coincidence that he puts on a CX race. Want to know more, see the Dr’s site here.
  • Both EAS and K-bar will be at the race to service your nutritional (and perhaps hand-ups) needs.
  • If recovery drink and energy bars aren’t your bag there’s plenty to see, do, and eat in nearby downtown Woodstock. Check out the Chamber of Commerce site for more info.
  • There is plenty of parking at Emricson Park (see map below) so please use it.
  • Registration this year will be in a pop-up tent next to the Start/Finish and NOT in the warming hut near the pond. The hut should still be open though just in case you get cold… but given this weekend’s weather forecast we doubt it.
  • The Woodstock course (below) is very spread out, but CX rules still apply. If you suffer a mechanical you must go forward on the course and you cannot cut across the park. The wheel/bike pit will be in the same location as last year… just beyond the S/F.
  • The course runs clock-wise.
  • Please pay attention when you are racing on Sunday. We know many of you are deep in oxygen debt while racing, but there are 4 (four) road crossings on the course. There will be course marshals at each crossing, but please look both ways before crossing. Better safe than sorry.
  • Even though the course is quite spread out and long (~2 miles), the last 1/2 mile or so should provide the most excitement for spectators with lots off-camber sections, twists, and turns. If we were betting CCC’ers, we’d bet the best spectating spots will be just after the U-turn after the final road-crossing. We will bet however that you all will be more creative and enthusiastic in your hand-ups than the people in NJ last weekend.
  • Just like last week we ask that if you’re hanging around after the race, please help us tear down the course so we’re not working in the dark.
  • Congratulations to David Dokko for being the first person to have his picture taken in front of the CCC’s first billboard. David races in the 3’s and will receive a call up after the top 10 in the overall standings. Big thanks again to Walid Abu Ghazaleh & Van Wagner for the billboard space, and Luke Seemann for the fantastic photo.
  • Remember we’re also giving Thanksgiving call-ups to anyone dressed as a pilgrim, a turkey, or a big bowl of stuffing. Sure, its not Halloween, but we can still have some fun!.
  • We’re still collecting donations for World Bicycle Relief too, and a few people who have gone above and beyond will get special call-ups. For this race alone you all pitched in a we raised $430.65 (enough for over 3 whole bikes!) so it looks like we’re going to have to raise our donation goal a year ahead of schedule. For those playing at home… we’ve now collected over $800 from direct donations and that’s before we count the t-shirt money.
  • Speaking of… yes, we’ll have the t-shirts at the race this weekend. If you ordered a shirt before mid-week it will be there waiting for you after the 30+ race.
  • Finally, while we’ve got your attention, we know a few CCC’ers are looking for ride shares out to Jingle Cross next weekend. If you have room, want some good company, and need gas money please let others know in the comments below. Thanks!

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Thursday CX Video

November 19, 2009

We thought about posting what Hipsters or Dirtbags are thinking in cyber-land… but this week instead of a CX video we’re playing a little game called “Find that intersection” in the real world.

Big thanks to Walid Abu Ghazaleh and Van Wagner for the ad space!

The first person to post a photo of themselves (in the comments below) in front of this intersection with the billboard in the background gets a special call up at Woodstock. Be safe (that means take the picture standing on the sidewalk… NOT riding your bike through the intersection) and good luck!

Okay, so we couldn’t post a Thursday CX video without at least one video… we bring you… “Bacon Alley

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Tuesday CCC Updates

November 17, 2009

– Big thanks to the South Chicago Wheelmen, the Hilton Indian Lakes Resort, and everyone who dared enter the Octagon Hexagon(s) to make this past Saturday’s race a success. Indian Lakes was our largest race ever with 454 starters! We guess the beautiful weather helped, but we’re just glad someone got a picture of this guy pouring a Fat Tire on his head! Not only that, but many of you chipped in to raise $126.30 for World Bicycle Relief… just shy of the $134 needed for one bike.

– Speaking of WBR… it was just announced Monday (11/16/09) morning that ALL donations to WBR between now and the end of the year will be matched $ for $! Buy 1 bike – have 2 delivered! This is no reason to stop giving however… so let’s see how much more we can raise for people who don’t even have bikes!

– Next up is Woodstock. Its fitting for a CX race that race promoter Dr. James Kearns’ web address is The course will be very similar to last year, but I’m sure the Dr. will have a few surprises in store for everyone. Additionally, we doubt we’ll get many takers, but since this is the last race before the most American of holidays (Thanksgiving), anyone dressed up like a Pilgrim, a Turkey, or a Big Bowl of Stuffing will get a special call-up.

– If you haven’t noticed… the days are getting shorter. We at the CCC appreciate any help we can get, so if you’re hanging out after the 4B’s finish up, please lend a hand in tearing down the course. Rounding up course materials in the dark is no fun at all. Thanks!

– Speaking of… if you’re not already traveling out of state for Thanksgiving then you may want to. Our friends to the West in Iowa will be hosting their (6th?) Annual Jingle Cross UCI weekend. Three days in a row of CX! Good luck to all of you CCC’ers who are foregoing the turkey, stuffing, and cranberry to race CX!

– On SAFETY… If you are riding your bike at a CCC event… you MUST WEAR YOUR HELMET AT ALL TIMES. There are NO exceptions to this rule. It is a USAC rule, a CCC rule, and just plain common sense. The overwhelming majority of you have been great about this, but a few knuckleheads keep forgetting. Please, for your own safety, wear your helmet. If you need one, just ask, we’re sure someone will let you borrow theirs.

– The RESPECT… We heard that a few of you took matters into your own hands this past weekend and were changing the course before the 4B’s race around the mud section. This is not acceptable. Only the officials have the right to change the course after it has been set at the beginning of the day. Every racer, no matter how far off the front or off the back has the right to a clearly defined course just like everyone else. Yes, this is CX, and its supposed to be hard, but that doesn’t mean anyone has the right to make anyone else’s race harder than it already is. Please be respectful of your fellow racers and leave the course the way the promoters set it.

– On SAFETY & RESPECT… Please remember we do call ups for a reason… when lining up on the start line you must only be 10 riders wide. We don’t know how many times we have to tell you all this. If we see riders trying to cram themselves in between the riders in front of them we will relegate you to the back of the field. We know you all want a chance at being at the front of race from the beginning, be we cannot comprise the safety of all of the the other riders… or the hard earned placings they’ve worked for.

– On Hand-ups. Okay, let’s see if we can remember them all… at Indian Lakes we saw cupcakes, bacon, Twinkies, Twizzlers, Bacon wrapped Twizzler stuffed Twinkies, Fat Tire Amber Ale, something in a canteen, dollars, golf balls, and even the increasing popular Recession Hand-Up (otherwise known as a Hi-Five!). Awesome. Keep up the great work. We can’t wait to see what theme you all put together for Woodstock… will it be Thanksgiving or hippies? Just remember… no glass or sharp metal.

Photo: Michael Young

– Finally, Harry Lam, a USA Cycling & UCI Official, was injured during a CX event on 11/7/09 in Northampton, Massachusetts.  Harry was accidentally struck by a cyclist sprinting at the conclusion of an event.  Harry was knocked to the ground, suffered a broken nose and internal head injuries.  Harry was put in a medically induced coma for about 24 hours to control bleeding on the brain. Fortunately Harry did NOT require surgery and was awaken about 24 hours later. He has already begun working with a physical therapist and continues to make improvements daily.

Harry was released from the hospital on 11/11/09 in Massachusetts and will be taken to Virginia for a lengthy recovery.  Harry is from Salt Lake City, Utah. However, he has extended family in Virginia with whom he will be staying with.  Harry’s recovery precludes his returning home for some time, so he faces an additional hardship of being separated from his family during this recovery. There are a lot of difficulties ahead for Harry and his family between medical expenses, separation of the family, no work, etc. Please continue to hold Harry and his family in your thoughts and prayers for a full recovery.

Like many of you who find yourselves in these types of situations, we at the CCC want to help. The New England Bicycle Racing Association (NEBRA) and other officials around the country have worked to set up a fund on to assist Harry and his family with medical expenses. If you can, please donate here to get Harry back up, home, and working again!

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Indian Lakes Results

November 15, 2009

Full results here.
Overall individual and team standings here.

If you lost your wallet or anything else please email us at with details and we’ll get it back to you.

The Pony Shop has extended its lead in the team competition, but never count out the Green Machine of Verdigris.

Also, as we get closer to the end of the series (so soon?) we will highlight (in yellow) those riders who have already wrapped up the their respective categories. However, take note that with only 2 races left, many categories are in virtual dead heats and still anyone’s game. For instance;
Ryan Gingerich and Ryan Cooper are only separated by 6 points in the Men’s 3 category,
Courtney O’Neill and Jannette Rho are only separated by 1 point in the Women’s 4 category, and
Eric Willcox and Russ Kuryk are only separated by 7 points in the 4A’s. Good luck to everyone!

OMG… there are too many great pictures from Saturday… here are a few of our favorites

And at the 8th race they ascended into CX heaven…

The 4B’s taking a quick break…

You’d prefer a cupcake?

Or perhaps bacon?

Photo: Liz Farina Markel

Going for it…

“Bacon Alley”…

Nice glasses…

How to enter a sand pit with your BFF…

Photo: Liz Farina Markel

Flannel Mike (otherwise known as BC = Business Casual) is recruiting.

Thanks to Flannel Paul for coming out to race this weekend!

Photo: Liz Farina Markel

And finally… why you should never, ever, ever let your friends watch your kids…

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Indian Lakes Preview

November 13, 2009

New for 2010 Steve Feerhery, Mike Kelly, and the South Chicago Wheelmen move their race venue from Lansing to the West Subrurb’s Hilton Indian Lakes Golf Course and Resort. This course promises to be fun and exciting… and that’s all before race sponsor New Belgium Brewing starts serving Fat Tire Amber Ale. Apparently all of you think so to… since 365 of you pre-reg’d… or maybe its just the $5k in prize money and prizes up for grabs?

  • First and foremost… remember the race is TOMORROW which is Saturday. If you show up on Sunday people will be playing golf on what was the course.
  • If you missed our post earlier in the week there’s a party tonight in “The Cave” out at Indian Lakes. Great adult beverages and schwag all hosted by the (other) CCC’s own Andrew Nordyke.
  • Unlike a few CCC races we’re very lucky the Indian Lakes Resort is a one-stop-shop overflowing with plenty of amenities including…
    All Day, all you can eat buffet for $13.95: burgers, chicken, soup, fruit.  Probably open at 11 AM and go to about 6 PM.
    $2 Pints of Fat Tire Ale (New Belgium Brewery is a sponsor of the event).
    – Room rates at $79.  Up to 5 people can stay in one room at no extra charge.  Roll away beds provided at no extra charge. We’re not sure if you can still get this deal… but if the hotel still has rooms left they might cut you a deal. Contact the hotel here and let them know you’re with the CCC.
    – Outdoor patio seating with open fire pits burning all day long. Did someone say smores hand-ups?
    Indoor heated pool.  All ages welcome.
    Indoor locker room.  Change in the warmth.  Take a shower after your race.
    Spa, including steam room and jacuzzi.
    Live Band.  Probably start at 3ish and playing until 6ish.
  • The SCW will be holding a raffle to benefit the their Junior Development Program. Items will include schwag autographed by Christian Vande Velde and SuperGirl.
  • We’ve gotten lots of questions about how this venue came to be… mostly… “How did you convince a golf course to let us race bikes on their property?” Well, truth be told, ILR approached us about holding a race. It seems November is usually a slow time of year for a golf course and being the resort has a staff of professional lawn fixers… they don’t anticipate any problems fixing the grass after a few hundred ‘crossers ride around on it. That being said… the course isn’t presently scheduled to ride across any putting greens… so unless that changes, please say off the greens.
  • SCW’s Mike Kelly has confirmed that dogs are allowed on the premise. However, please remember we are always guests at the parks we visit, and much like driving a car or racing a bicycle, owning and bringing a dog to a race is a privilege, not a right. The CCC loves dogs too, but they’re not always allowed, so please respect the land owners’ rules. We try to supply as much info as possible on this site but can’t always get to everything.
  • All of you spectators hecklers continue to be creative in your hand-ups. At Northbrook we heard reports of candy-corn mouth-ups, saw dollar bill Pegasus flag-downs, and saw photographic evidence of hot-dogs on sticks and bags of sand for sandbaggers. We can’t wait to see what golf-inspired hand-ups/downs/laterals you’ll come up with this week. Just remember to keep it safe and fun and don’t interfere with the racers!
  • Speaking of golf… this week’s course will likely visit a few sand-traps and we need rakers. Feel free to help out, but please do NOT interfere with riders during their race.
  • If you’re not a loyal follower of you might have missed that Luke Seemann will have CX calendars for sale for just $15 at the race. Aside from a few great panoramics these calendars include close-ups of a few CCC celebrities such as super-star Brian Conant, pretty-boy Henry Loud, the killer Brittany Barran-Stanley, Nevada Dave Norton, the cutest couple in CX Tim Boundy & Andy Daley, Hand-up King Jacob Thom, and of course… SuperGirl. These calendar make great stocking stuffers at a great price.
  • The rain has disappeared from the current forecast, but just in case we do get some precipitation there is plenty of room inside the resort for everyone.
  • Registration will be just inside the closest building to the Start/Finish line. The wheel/bike pit will be double sided and right next to the Start/Finish line.
  • Finally, the general course direction (anti-clockwise) is shown below. There will be quite a few more twists, turns, and wiggles… but this should give you an idea of what to expect. As always, the course may change due to weather and ground conditions.

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CCC Season Pass Courtesy of Tati Cycles

November 12, 2009

J. Tati of Tati Cycles in Hyde Park is offering to pay your 2010 CCC race fees.

All you have to do is purchase an Ibis Hakkalugi or custom Tati Titanium frame or complete Dolan Cyclocross bike.
Or, if you really want a deal, buy a complete Ibis Hakkalugi or complete custom Tati Titanium and not only will you race for free in 2010 but Tati will retro-actively pay your 2009 race entry fees.

See complete offer and rules here or contact Tati directly for more info at 773.598.TATI (8284).

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Thursday CX Video

Three fer Thursday

We present Paul Michna‘s 2nd installment “The Hecklers” documenting the 2010 CCC.
Paul also has his own company called Paul Michna Video Productions.
Contact him at or 1-630-605-0836 if you’re interested… sorry, but he’s already booked this coming Saturday and the next few Sundays.

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.3888587&w=425&h=350&fv=]

Also, DePaul students Genesis Mejias, Heather Kortan, and Zubar Khan were at Northbrook making their own documentary.

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.3897261&w=425&h=350&fv=]

And finally… we thought SuperGirl, Gumby, and the Geisha were a riot… but apparently in Oregon you MUST race in a ‘crosstume’ on Halloween.

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.3900878&w=425&h=350&fv=%26rel%3D0%26border%3D0%26]

Remember online pre-reg for Indian Lakes closes tonight at midnight. Order your 2010 CCC t-shirts online here.

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Tuesday Afternoon CCC Update

November 10, 2009

We just found out about a fun little soiree (call it the CCCCCCCCCCW) happening this Friday evening from 8-11pm… and its not too far away from the race next morning. Make sure to reserve your room by tonight (11/10/09). Details on the party here.

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